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14 October 2020

Petroleum Industry Bill Overview Series: Part 1: A summary of the new Governance Provisions

The Petroleum Industry Bill (the “PIB” or the “Bill”) has been a predominant part of any conversation around petroleum sector reforms in Nigeria since the first version was introduced in the National Assembly in 2008…

12 October 2020

Thought Leadership – Clarity at Last? An Analysis of the SEC Statement on Digital Assets

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology have no doubt catalysed innovation in the financial markets…

21 September 2020

The Path to Cost-Reflective Tariffs in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry – Key Highlights of the MYTO 2020

One critical function of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (“NERC”) is to regulate electricity tariffs…

17 September 2020

Nigeria’s LNG Train 7 Project Breaks New Ground

This article, co-authored by TEMPLARS Partners Chike Obianwu and Zelda Akindele, highlights Nigeria’s LNG Train 7 project. It secured a $3 billion corporate loan in volatile markets through an innovative finance mix.

8 September 2020

Microfinance Banks: The New Digital Banks? A closer look at the CBN Microfinance Banking Guidelines 2020 and Implications for Digital Banks

According to a report last year in tech industry bible, TechCrunch, Templars Client, KudaBank “is the first digital-only bank in Nigeria…

31 August 2020

Should we forget the right to be forgotten?

The right of Data Subjects (whose information are being processed) to have their personal data forgotten or erased…

26 August 2020

Lagos commences regulation of E-Hailing Taxi Platforms: What’s under the Hood (or “Bonnet” for Commonwealth English Speakers)?

Since the launch of e-hailing taxi platforms (EHTPs) such as Uber, Bolt, Oga Taxi, GoMyWay etc. in Nigeria, there has…

24 August 2020

Understanding the Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020: Your Questions Answered

The discovery of oil in Nigeria in 1956 set the stage for the development of the country as one of Africa’s major commercial hubs…

31 July 2020

Congratulations to Olumide Akpata on his election as the President of the NBA

We congratulate our partner, Olumide Akpata who has been elected as the president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)…

24 July 2020

Draft Framework on Alternative Dispute Resolution for the ICT Sector 2020

The clamour for a specialist dispute resolution framework for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related disputes…

17 July 2020

Taxation of M&A Transactions – What has changed? (Series II)

In our previous newsletter (Series I) on the Taxation of M&A transactions in Nigeria, we highlighted some of the significant…

14 July 2020

Highlights of the NERC Guidelines on Distribution Franchising in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI)

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (“NERC”) on 2 July 2020 issued the Guidelines on Distribution Franchising in the…