In Part 2 of this 3-part series, TEMPLARS partners, Chike Obianwu, Zelda Akindele, and Sesan Sulaiman deep dive and share their respective outlooks for the Nigerian economy and legal services market for 2023.

Key takeaways from Part 2 include:

• Possible resumption of massive international oil company divestments from Nigeria if the pending disputes and litigation in that area are resolved in 2023

• The impact of the February 2023 deadline for voluntary early conversion of upstream oil exploration licences under the Petroleum Industry Act

• Uncertainties arising from the transition of the National Oil Corporation, NNPC from a statutory corporation to a company limited by shares

• Growth opportunities in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors in Nigeria and Africa post-COVID-19 pandemic

• Incumbents versus Disruptors: unfolding market contests between Fintechs and traditional financial services providers

• Potential risk of market saturation following the recent wave of newly licensed banks in Nigeria

The third and final part will be published Monday, 13th February.