On the latest episode of Talking Legal with TEMPLARS, Partner Zelda Akindele, and Senior Associate Victoria Anuri discuss “Nigerian Competition Law: Beyond Merger Control,” offering expert insights into the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (FCCPA) and its impact on enforcing competition law in Nigeria’s consumer market.

Some of the key areas discussed include: 

  • The misconception that competition law is solely merger control and the government’s efforts to promote competition through the Act (1:11)
  • The fundamentals of competition regulation under the FCCPA, such as the rules on pricing, restrictive agreements, abuse of dominant position, and monopolies (3:15)
  • Abuse of dominant position as an offence (04:15)
  • The treatment of cartel-like conduct under the FCCPA (07:10)
  • Considerations for Nigerian businesses in complying with competition law regulations (9:30)