Templars, as part of its commitment to women rights in our society, is supporting the Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF) Virtual “No Tolerance” March, having partnered with the foundation since 2017.

WARIF is a nonprofit organization established to raise awareness and address the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women in our society.

Last year, our Templars family joined the over 700 men, women and children who participated in the ‘’No Tolerance’’ March to speak up and take a stand against rape, sexual violence, child sexual abuse, trafficking and other harmful practices in our communities.

This year, in compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions, the 2020 WARIF ‘’No Tolerance’’ March will be organized virtually. The proceeds from the march will benefit survivors of rape and sexual violence who are offered assistance at the WARIF Centre, the foundation’s rape crisis center which provides immediate medical care, psychosocial counseling, legal aid, access to shelters and vocational skills training all free of charge. Click here to learn how to participate https://warifng.org/event/join-the-warif-no-tolerance-march/.

Templars continues to remain committed to its Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programmes, putting words to action through sustainable conwariftributions financially and by providing legal support services.