In recent years, TEMPLARS has partnered with the MacArthur Foundation towards achieving the goals of the Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF). The NHEF is an organisation seed funded by the MacArthur Foundation with the aim of developing the next generation of Nigerian leaders by creating a strong, world-class higher education sector in Nigeria providing intensive career training, skills acquisition, internships and employment assistance to Nigerian students.

As a way of unlocking Nigeria’s most important human potential, the NHEF through its scholars program seeks to substantially increase the number of well-educated Nigerians assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in Nigeria’s corporate environment and in the globe. The program aims to address the skills gap in key sectors of the Nigerian economy by providing students with critical on-the-job training and hands-on learning that employers require in hiring talent.

As partners, our role goes beyond providing the students with paid internships, living stipends, workplace orientation, job support and relevant training but also with active participation in events organized by the NHEF as well as a complete performance review of the students and an end of internship evaluation with NHEF.

We are pleased to be partners on this project as it plays a pivotal role in contributing to the upliftment and sustainability of the Nigerian economy by focusing on its human capital. With a few NHEF scholars already interning with us and learning to function in a leading modern and dynamic corporate law firm, we are confident of our ability to create an impact and assist in achieving the strategic objectives of the MacArthur Foundation and the Nigeria Higher Education Foundation.

This initiative is consistent with a key aspect of our Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility strategy which focuses on youth empowerment through education and practical learning.