In February 2023, TEMPLARS Partners, Femi Asante and Dorothy Mensah attended the African Mining Indaba. This global event attracted investors and major mining companies interested in investing in Africa’s rapidly developing mining industry.

Further to the Indaba, in an article published 27 February 2023 on International, the global industry-leading legal media platform, Dorothy and Femi emphasized Ghana’s eagerness to diversify its extractive industry. They noted multiple Ghanaian regulators and business community members gathered to discuss how to bridge the gap and attract investment in the mining sector. As a resource-rich, democratic nation, Ghana is keen to promote industrial development by diversifying its extractive economy. Dorothy stated that commercial quantities of lithium were discovered in Ghana, which has the potential to aid Ghana in achieving economic diversification away from gold. Femi emphasized that the Indaba placed a significant emphasis on social responsibility, and mining entities were expected to give back to communities affected by their activities in terms of financing housing, schools, hospitals, electricity, and other facilities. As for TEMPLARS’ role, Dorothy and Femi noted that the firm is providing regulatory certainty and embedding the rule of law as new mines are developed. The firm is also playing a vital role in mining and energy in Ghana, focusing mainly on the energy transition and climate change advisory role in the ESG space. To read the article, subscribers can click on the link: