On the 3rd of June 2022, TEMPLARS hosted its First Legal Clinic, in collaboration with the Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF), a non-profit organization which addresses the prevalence of rape, sexual violence, and human trafficking through impactful health, education and community service initiatives.

This alliance has spanned over five years, and during this time, we have noticed a gap in the basic legal orientation of the general populace, hence this legal clinic.

This monthly clinic aims at enlightening the under-represented and misrepresented individuals on their legal rights and the proper legal steps to take in reporting and handling matters about domestic violence and gender-based issues.

“At TEMPLARS, we are dedicated to fighting against gender-based problems and domestic violence, and are always ready to support WARIF in creating awareness and promoting enlightenment on the legal actions to take in situations involving these societal problems”, said Izuchukwu Ohajinwa, Senior Associate at TEMPLARS.

The Legal Clinic initiative was created as part of our corporate social responsibility to reach those who require legal expertise at all levels, but may not know how to handle such sensitive matters or proceed legally.