Templars’ Partner, Olumide Akpata has been nominated by the president of the International Bar Association to be a member of his task force on the future of legal services across the globe. The task force is chaired by James M. Klotz and has a diverse membership which is representative of the various IBA constituencies.

The task force is saddled with the responsibility of working on a defined project which will have a real impact on the future of the global legal profession. The project which has been split into three phases has a different focus for each phase among which includes a global review of the changes affecting the legal profession and identifying what the IBA can do for its members to enable them cope with the change, manage the change or prevent the change as a value-add to the existing body of knowledge.

Olumide, who is one of the two Africans nominated and the only Nigerian on the taskforce is looking forward to serving and contributing towards the sustainable development of the legal profession across the globe.