TEMPLARS is pleased to welcome one of its Senior Partners, Olumide Akpata, back to the firm after two successful years of dedicated and selfless service to the legal profession as President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) – the largest Bar in Africa, and Nigeria’s most influential and oldest professional membership organisation.

In August 2020, Olumide Akpata took a leave of absence to serve as the President of the NBA after he was overwhelmingly elected for a two-year non-renewable term. His service in that capacity ended on Friday 26th August 2022 when he handed over to his successor in office.

Olumide’s tenure is widely acknowledged as one of the most consequential, innovative, vibrant, courageous, and transformational in recent history of the NBA, with particularly remarkable achievements both to the legal profession and the Nigerian society.

Welcome back from service, Mr. President.