Opening a new office in Ghana’s capital, Accra, not only marks the first international expansion by award-winning law firm TEMPLARS, it also heralds the next step in the Nigeria headquartered law firm’s evolution into a pan-African vision and presence, say Oghogho Akpata and Desmond Ogba.

“We’ve always had significant interest in opening an Accra office, not only because we’ve got deep client connections across Africa, but also because, given our significant market share in Nigeria, we believe that our natural next step is going into other markets where our clients and business relationships require our services,” explained Akpata, TEMPLARS’ Managing Partner. “Given the economic ties between Nigeria and Ghana, and with it being the second-largest market in West Africa, for us it was a natural progression to go into Ghana.”

Akpata and Ogba note that the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) is opening many new opportunities across the entire continent, and that TEMPLARS has seen increasing demand from clients for support throughout Africa. “Basically, we follow our clients,” said Akpata.

Ghana has grown into one of Africa’s leading economies since the Global Financial Crisis and has become an attractive destination for international businesses. As a full-service law firm with a strong entrepreneurial ethos, TEMPLARS’ expansion into the country was made in collaboration with AMPEM Chambers.

“That firm’s members have all joined our TEMPLARS brand,” clarified Ogba, a partner in the firm’s Finance & Projects practice group. “We’re starting out with about 12 lawyers, all of whom are qualified in Ghana as well as in some other jurisdictions like Nigeria, England and New York. They are experts who fully understand the Ghanaian economy and market, and have also been tested and trusted in their various areas of focus.”