Partner, Ijeoma Uju, provided local market insights on identifying and managing risks of doing business in Nigeria. The article features in the October 2017 edition of INTO AFRICA which focuses on the challenges and risks in Africa and is titled Mind the Gap: Risk in Africa. INTO AFRICA is a publication with fresh insights into Africa’s emerging capital markets.

Over the past few years, African economies have increasingly been an essential part of any expansion strategy as corporate leaders and fund managers under constant pressure to maximize returns and put capital to work. Although, African markets offer a wealth of investment opportunities, this landscape also presents a number of challenges and risks for foreign entities, such as potential fraud and corruption, difficulties acquiring accurate financial information, ownership and governance practices, and regulatory and legal issues. Furthermore, political turmoil, the risk of a widening budget deficit, a weakening currency and the prospect of a credit downgrade usually put investors off African markets.

Templars is delighted to have provided key strategic insights on identifying and managing risks of doing business in Nigeria demonstrating its reputed expertise for advising on transactions within the market. This results from the breadth of experience resident in its highly ranked Corporate & Commercial practice which continues to deliver responsive, innovative and practical legal solutions to clients.