Partner, Olumide Akpata, Senior Associate, Oyeyemi Immanuel and Associate, Ojonugwa Ichaba were contributors to the Nigerian chapter of the recently published GETTING THE DEAL THROUGH: Mergers & Acquisitions 2017. The international publication had a central theme which focused on the issue “Despite political and economic uncertainty globally, the factors that have fostered a booming M&A market in years past remain in place”.

Specialist contributors summarize the M&A transactional requirements and procedures in their jurisdictions, covering such areas as: types of business combination, applicable legislation, filings and public disclosure requirements, substantial shareholding regulations, duties of directors and controlling shareholders, shareholder rights of approval and appraisal, hostile transactions, break-up fees and frustration of additional bidders, governmental influence on transactions, conditional offers, minority squeeze-out, cross-border transactions, waiting and notification periods, tax issues and labour and employee benefits.

Templars is delighted to have provided key strategic insights on M&A activities in Nigeria demonstrating its reputed expertise for advising on M&A transactions within the market. This results from the breadth of experience resident in its highly ranked Corporate & Commercial practice which continues to deliver responsive, innovative and practical legal solutions to clients.