Inadequate metering in the retail end of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) has been a bane of the NESI. It has been reported that as at December 31, 2017, the metering gap or shortfall for all Distribution Companies (Discos) in the NESI was about 4,740,2751 meters. This is projected to significantly increase upon the conclusion of the ongoing customer enumeration exercise in the NESI. This menace has led to estimated billing of a large segment of the consumers in what is commonly referred to as ‘crazy billing’ where unmetered customers are billed based on an estimated quantity of consumed energy, rather than their actual consumption. This has also led to loss of goodwill in the NESI as customers believe that the Discos are unscrupulous and are benefitting from the metering gap. As a result, the portfolio of debts owed the Discos by their customers due to customer’s apathy to pay the estimated charges has also increased.