The world of creativity and intellectual property is rapidly evolving, driven by the power of social media and digital platforms. As traditional means of storing, using, and sharing creative works give way to innovative technologies, it is essential to update copyright laws to protect originators’ rights. Nigeria, recognizing the need for change, has embarked on a remarkable journey towards a modernized copyright regime.

After years of extensive collaboration and efforts by various stakeholders, Nigeria has ushered in a new era with the signing of the Copyright Act 2022 into law on 17th March 2023. This monumental milestone marks a significant departure from the archaic regulations of the Copyright Act 1988, bringing Nigeria’s copyright protection framework in line with global standards.

With a keen focus on digital copyright infringement, the new Act addresses the ever-evolving challenges posed by the digital landscape. It introduces robust provisions that safeguard the rights of creators and ensures their intellectual property is respected and valued in the digital sphere.

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