Welcome to the maiden edition of “TEMPLARS Through the Line,” our responsible business podcast.

This episode, from the TEMPLARS Ghana office, features a dialogue between Partners Dayo Okusami and Femi Asante on “Fair Justice Initiative: Beyond Pro Bono Legal Services for Vulnerable Communities.”

The Fair Justice Initiative (FJI), a CSR arm of TEMPLARS, focuses on addressing biases against current and former prison inmates, ensuring access to quality legal representation, creating job opportunities post-incarceration and improving conditions in Ghanaian prisons.

Key Highlights include:

  • The principles, mission, and driving factors behind the FJI. (01:20 & 02:30)
  • FJI’s role in providing skill training, mental health support, and employment opportunities to inmates. (05:25)
  • The success story from FJI’s scholarship program that benefitted an inmate’s child. (6:15)
  • FJI’s work in expanding the scholarship program and increasing parental involvement. (07:45)
  • Projects like skill training and the Halfway House aimed at inmates’ reintegration into society. (09:02 & 11:28)
  • The future goals and vision for FJI in 2024 (13:20)