12 March 2018

THE CECE YARA FOUNDATION is a child-centered, not-for-profit organisation established to promote a safe childhood for children; access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children who are sexually abused or at risk, and their non-offending family members. The organisation focuses on preserving the joyfulness of an innocent childhood by upholding the rights of the child as enshrined in the Nigerian Child’s Rights Act and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

 At Templars, we believe that children are indeed the future and deserve every right to a future filled with possibilities, unhindered by the risk of sexual abuse. Our partnership with the foundation is one which is genuinely inspired to support the prevention of child sexual abuse through community empowerment and save our future by saving the Nigerian child.

 This partnership is sequel to our collaboration with the WOMEN AT RISK INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION (WARIF) last year. The collaboration sees the firm go beyond financial support to also act as in-house counsel to the foundation as a way of responding to the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria.

 As a human and connected firm, we are encouraged to support initiatives which inspire the future and empower our community. This is consistent with our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability strategy.

Click here to learn more about THE CECE YARA FOUNDATION, its programs and how you can help today.