5 July 2018

We are pleased to have graduated our 2018 set of Law School Externs! A key aspect of the mandatory vocational training for aspiring lawyers is that students of the Nigerian Law School are obligated to fully participate in two periods of externship: the first at the High Courts and the second in law firms across the country.

Over the years, Templars has supported the objectives of the mandatory externship programme and has trained numerous externs on the intricacies of Nigeria’s legal system and the legal profession as a whole, we have mentored aspiring lawyers on the importance of professional values and codes of ethics, and on mutual respect within the Bar. All these are continuously being done to develop and/or improve the lawyering skills of our externs and also to imbibe in them the ability to reflect on and learn from their experience at Templars.

We congratulate our 2018 set of Law School externs as they proceed to the final lap of their journey to the Bar and wish them the very best at the Bar Examinations.

We are at the finish line waiting to receive you!